The experience of the Donosti Cup begins in the Spanish capital of Madrid, where the teams have exclusive access to Real Madrid facilities. The teams train at the renowned academy of Real Madrid and make a tour though the facilities. The Donosti Cup brings together more than 500 teams from 5 continents during a tournament that lasts for a week. It is often said that football is the universal language, the sport that transcends barriers and brings people together. This experience is based mainly on the use of football as the vehicle to do just that, put together, unite people in the same cause. Players will create stronger links as they work together to play against international teams with different game styles. They live unforgettable experiences as they explore a new country together and meet new people. Players, coaches and families also take advantage of this time to enjoy the beauty, gastronomy and culture of San Sebastian, which as you know, has no waste.

Filmed by Chechu Pajares & Aljaz Babnik

Edited by Aljaz Babnik