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"It's the people and the little moments

that make life great"



After studying law, he graduated as a lawyer in 2017 and soon realized that it was not his thing. He continued traveling camera in hand and made his first job as a photographer in California, where he discovered his true vocation and began his professional self-taught career.

Chechu is a photographer and filmmaker. He dedicates a big part of his time to photography and video, in the fields of art, commercial and documentary, working for brands such as Nike, Vogue, Esquire, Red Bull, Mercedes, Bmw...


Another very important part of your life is to make a positive impact on the world. He is part of the active team of the Childhood and Development Association in India, and he also has his own Association, called The Water Van Project. Today, with which along with three of his best friends, they have already provided water purification filters to more than 45,000 people from disadvantaged communities in Latin America. Now, they are planning the production of a documentary and a photo book on the project, with the aim of promoting awareness about the World Water Crisis .

Early in 2018, he produced and directed "From Lost To The Desert", a surf exploration filming project through the desert of Morocco and Western Sahara. This documentary was screened at more than a dozen international surf film festivals and can be seen online today.

In summer 2018, he made a photographic exhibition at the DGTL Art & Revolution in Barcelona, ​​on the problem of plastic in our oceans and the small steps we can take as a society to remedy it.

At the end of 2018 and together with Mareo Rodríguez and Franco Méndez, they presented the project "Desert Skins" at the Festival of Islamic Art, in the Arab Emirates. Using video video mapping in a dark room, they installed an audiovisual journey in the sculpture of the series "Mantos" by Mareo, which represents the layers of the earth, from its creation in the cosmos to the relationship with the human being.

In February 2019, he exhibited his photographic projects "Agua de vida" and "Huellas" at Opera Lounge Barcelona.


In June 2019, he made two different exhibitions about his project "Introspection" in Madrid and Barcelona, in the two big surf festivals of both cities. An exhibition that Chechu describes as a deep internal observation about the sea, and consequently, about itself.

Currently and along with his team their are creating a documentary about Pablo Campos and how the Greek justice is trying to put him in prison for helping some Afghan refugees.

Chechu believes that small moments are what make life great. His future? To keep collecting this moments.



Since I was very little I was very interested in photography. I was always fluttering with a camera in my pocket. In each trip, each party, in each family reunion, there was my little camera throwing photos as if there is no tomorrow. Years pass and memories are become less clear. The years pass and the photos are the only way to remember many things. To relive those summers when we were a pack of crazy monkeys, and only thing that mattered was having a good time. I became obsessed. I became a damn maniac to freeze every moment non stop. I admit that sometimes it was a pain in the ass. Thanks to that, I began to observe the world in a different way, to see things from another perspective. I learned that it is the small moments that make life great. As a result of my obsession, I came up with the question that maybe to always walk with the camera wouldn´t let me experience the essence of things, the magic of moments in which I should perhaps forget about the camera, forget everything. How to fully feel the sunrise if I you´re always pending to take pictures? I tried to forget about her but I always missed something that I would have liked to capture. Fuck! It cost me a lot but I ended up learning to shoot while I was completely present... And then, boom! I fell madly in LOVE. Watching those moments again make me relive some of the best moments of my like. Mentally going back to that place, and meet those people... Feels so good. In a way, photography has taught me to appreciate more everything that surrounds us. The world is awesome, people are amazing. What happens today will never happen again. Take photos! It does not matter if it's a mobile potato, a cheap camera or the most expensive one in the market. Photography is not about the camera, the resolution or the sharpness... Photography is the moment, the feeling, the fact of freezing small unrepeatable moments that will one day thrill you again more than the day they occurred. 

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