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FROM LOST TO THE DESERT is a surf exploration filming project through the desert of Morocco and Western Sahara.
The film details the journey of seven guys who decided to roll into Sahara to try to surf alone, something almost impossible nowadays.

Project: Chechu Pajares and Nicolas Pina.
Director: Chechu Pajares.
Directors of Photography: Aljaz Babnik & Nicolás Pina.
Producers: Chechu Pajares, Aljaz Babnik, Nicolás Pina.
Still Photography: Nicolás Pina.
Original Idea: Pablo Bordas.
Surfers: Vicente Romero, Pablo Bordas, Josu Alcántara.
Biker: Valcof
Collaborators: Surf House Barcelona, Yamaha Motor Spain, Caion Surf House.

Official Festival Selections: Portuguese Surf Film Festival, Madrid Surf Film Festival, Barcelona Surf Film Festival, Sayulita Film Festival, Berlin Surf Film Festival, among others.


Lost, completly lost we were when we started talking about doing a surf exploration on a motorcycle several months ago... That's where From Lost To The Desert was born. 7 idiots that didn´t even know each other almost at all, decided to make a call by skype to give real shape to what was just an idea... 

Several months of preparation, many hours on the road, ferries, two bikes donated by Yamaha, and some great waves waiting for us to spend the most surreal year end of our lives... Our goal? To have a f**king amazing time while searching for that "ideal of surfing" that´s almost an illusion today. To surf alone.


After gathering all the team in Marakech, we headed towards the nonexistent border that separates Morocco and Western Sahara. Where the exploration really began. Going totally blind and with fixed dates, we knew we had a brutal risk of not finding waves. Luckily, the stars lined up and we found the sessions that we had all dreamed about...

|n Between laughter and discussions, twists and wipeouts, wheelies and crashes, and above all, lot’s of love, we have managed to return home with a very good feeling.

We have already been selected to present the movie in the Madrid Surf Film Festival, the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, the Berlín Surf Film Festival, the Cine Mar Surf Film Tour and some others...


As you can see, these are the 7 idiots...

Chechu Pajares


He believes that small moments are what make life great. That's why he has traveled half the world collecting those moments with his camera. After that he founded and documented The Water Van Project , together with three of his great friends, with whom he toured Latin America in caravan during 2016, providing water purification filters in disadvantaged communities. Soon he will create a documentary and a photo book about the project. To this day, this globetrotter lives of his creation Lunartic Productions. 

Nicolás Pina


Passionate traveller and photographer dedicates his life to search "the road less travelled", going out of his comfort zone and living unique experiences that he captures with his camera. Obsessed with the cold weather, Nico has travelled to places like Norway, Iceland, Finland and Faroe Islands looking for the real beauty of the North.
Now, his aim was fixed on the Western Sahara, a completely different challenge to what he is used to.

Pablo Bordas


Born in the Basque Country, this adrenaline junkie has surfed almost everywhere in the world. He has lived in Australia and Indonesia, and now he resides in Barcelona. Pablo usually travels by motorcycle to his land Basque Country in search of waves. He considers himself as a surfer-traveler, knowing the sea, as well as the hardships of traveling to remote places. After participating in "Addiction", a surf exploration project in the Arctic Circle with Nicolas Pina, he is ready for any adventure that comes his way. 

Aljaz Babnik



The traveler's vision of Aljaz took him to roam the 5 continents in a single year, discovering then his true vocation. He considers himself as a conscious photographer in love with this planet. His work is focused on the interaction between a human being and the nature, and his main motivation is to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and to connect with nature. He works as a freelance artist and is also part of Lunartic Productions.

Vicente Romero


His talent and passion for the sea are the result of this miscegenation and he was able to see it reflected from a very young age, starting surfing when he was 5. At 11, he was already competing and his ambition later took him to win the titles of European Champion and Spanish Champion two times, among many others. His desire to discover new horizons pushes him to join adventures in search of perfect waves. Supported by brands such as Dakine, Siroko, Tactic Bcn, The Camp, InterRent and Sharpeye Surfboards.




Adrenaline rushes through the veins of this Galician. He has been riding since he was 8 years old, and it doesn't look like he's going to stop. Expert in motocross and dirt track, he been competing and participating in motorbike festivals. Last year he won the Cerceda motocross race, the dirt track race at the Motor Beach Festival, and all the modalities of the Free Riders Festival, a motorcycle festival. Until very recently, he was sponsored by Ford Spain, DRD, Spy Spain, and Yamaha. 

Josu Alcántara


This true lover of the sea is the image of the Vazva brand from Zumaia. He considers himself as free surfer who enjoys his passion without pressure. Runner-up of Spain and champion of Euskadi under-18, he left the competition at 18 when he realized that he preferred to invest his time and money in traveling and discovering new waves. He has surfed in places like Mexico, Maldives and Indonesia. Now he works in Basque Country, where he's known as the local of the famous waves of "Orrua" and "Roka Puta", and it's usual to see him there focusing his efforts in surfing bigger waves every day.




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