Joan Studied Audiovisual  Arts and Media. By the age 20 he started working in the industry in an Online platform and Tv Chanel in Venezuela. Everything was new for him, but since then he has been focused on learning and doing everything perfectly well, always with lots of laughs and humor.


What is life without sense of Humor ? Boring right ?


Happiness comes from as your inner voice tells to you. Happiness comes from being who you actually are instead of who you think you are supposed to be. This guy choose to be a human who express himself through a camera.  


He lives for transmit the spirit, the soul, the essence of the moment. Since he was young he has been interested in build histories with a purpose, with a meaning, with that touch that makes you feel alive.


Growing in Venezuela, a beautiful conflictive country, finding itself in the nature, the peace and the waves of Gold Coast, Australia, to ended settling up in the multicultural city of Barcelona.



I reckon that always I lived to my own way, without follow the current, I believe you can’t give good result if you follow the current.