"We never look back".



After studying VFX and going inside the fashion world for a few years, Sergi starts working as a filmmaker in an advertising agency over two years, learning how digital agencies work from the inside, being involved in all the creative process and generating content for brands like Unicef, Oakley or LaCaixa. 

The only way to capture Sergi's tattoos is recording it in slow-motion. His life is a frenetic hyperlapse in search of perfect framings, edits and timings. He knows that perfection does not exist, but he is stubborn. Passionate about sports, stars and mountains, he has been lucky to travel for work as well as for pleasure, learning from each destination.


Make something you will remember and move. Movement is life, your life. Get your chance to be alive and make it, just make it. Explore, after all you can go further. And now. Close your eyes, get a deep breath and remember: Remember to be on life. After all, you deserve the full experience, don’t you? Do not let anything out. Because life is to live and will never look back.